Why Our Mission to Togo is Critical

After a time of praying, God has led us to embark on a mission to the West African nation of Togo. Following a brief survey visit by our missions coordinator for Africa, God has granted us an open door. Voodoo originally started in the south of Togo and Benin and is still the most widely established religion of the local culture, in the region around Aneho. 

Togo means ‘house of sea’, or ‘a house dedicated to the sea or sea god’ in the Ewe language. Evidence of voodoo practice is seen everywhere, with temples, altars and fetish items scattered across the countryside and the villages.

In the months ahead, we shall be holding our first Missions training for indigenous Christian leaders.
Our objectives are three-fold:
1. Raise a Prayer Alter for the nation of Togo
2. Educate the church on its role in fulfilling the Great Commission, and work alongside the church in reaching the remaining unreached people groups.
3. Mobilize and train a local workforce for our Church Planting Missions efforts.
Join us in praying for:
• this mission to be accomplished.
• resources to deliver these efforts would be provided by the Lord.
• God to grant our team favor as they go to Togo.
• Voodoo in all its forms and facets would be destroyed completely in Togo.
• the Church in Togo to experience a revival and a renewed passion for reaching the

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