Prayer Focus for Central African Republic (CAR)
  1. Pray for clear, and focused ministry strategies for reaching the Unreached People Groups of Central African Republic and other French-speaking countries in the region.
  2. Pray that the missionaries will be able to meet the spiritual needs of people as they flee as refugees.
  3. Pray that the ministry leader, Brice N’gatte. Pray for his physical refreshment, spiritual encouragement, financial support and more prayer partners.
  4. Pray for divine wisdom for CMD Team on how to best to reach the Unreached people of CAR, as well as for ministry opportunities to reach them.
  5. Ask God to guide future missionaries to take advantage of the opportunity for ministry in CAR.
  6. Adopt Central African Republic as an Unreached country, and pray for the people on a regular basis.
Prayer Focus for India
  1. Pray for a revival and an outpouring of God’s Spirit among Christians in India.
  2. Pray that the Church in India would be an extension of God’s love to the remaining Unreached People Groups in the country.
  3. Pray for that the street kids will find emotional healing and a meaningful future too.
  4. Pray for radically committed missionaries who are ready to risk all, to join the workforce in reaching Northern India.
Prayer Focus for Nigeria
  1. Pray that God would direct dedicated workers that have a heart for the unreached to CMD Nigeria.
  2. Pray that God’s supplies would continue to flow towards our ministry, so that we can sustain the impact of our various ministries to the lost.
  3. Pray for open doors to share our vision and to network with church leaders who would be willing to partner with us.
  4. Pray for the growth and stability of CMD House of Prayer Nigeria.
  5. Pray that the spiritual impact of our various training programs and mission conference will be sustained and enhanced.
  6. Pray against Spiritual strongholds contending for the destiny of Nigeria.


Prayer Focus for Nepal
  1. Pray that God would connect CMD to the right ministry partners that would facilitate our work in Nepal.
  2. Pray that the Holy Spirit would sanitize and sanctify leaders of the church in Nepal for effective ministry.
  3. Ask the Lord to send more focused, disciplined, and purposeful missionaries to Nepal.
  4. Ask the Lord to inspire missionaries with creative ways to reach the Nepalis.
  5. Pray against the persecution of the church by the government through obnoxious laws.
  6. Pray the stronghold of Buddhism, and Hinduism be broken over that region.