Ikorodu Missions: The Stripes That Heals

“Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.” – (1Peter 2:24)

The above Truth is our mandate for reaching out to the people of Sabo-Ikorodu. Our mission on Saturday the 28th of April 2018 has two expressions; viz:

Medical Outreach in the morning
Word and Worship Crusade in the evening

As a Missions-minded organisation, CMD’s objective in this outreach is to:

1. Share the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matt. 10:7-8)

2. Create a platform for the Spiritual liberation of those held captive by satan.(Luke 4:16-17)

3. Provide practical field missions opportunity for Volunteers. (John 4:36-38)

4. Minister Medical help to those in need of it. (Isa 53:5)

With our partners from Trinity House Ikorodu, Life Theological Seminary, Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria (CMDA), and Africa Vision Tract House Society (AVTHS), and others; we hope to leave a lasting impact in the lives of the members of the community.


Our thrust during this fourteen (14) days, shall be:

  1. The general success of the mission.
  2. A life-transforming spiritual impact for the people we shall be ministering to.
  3. Healing for all those needing the touch of Jesus Christ.

We shall take our guide from the Word.

-Day 1    Friday 13th April 2018 (Pray that the Holy Spirit inspire unity of purpose for all volunteers and ministers -1Peter 1:8)

Day 2    Saturday 14th April 2018 (Pray for that God would use CMD to effectively organize the missions to his glory – Philippians 1:21)

Day 3    Sunday 15th April 2018 (Pray for fair weather on the day of the outreach, and at least 2 days before the outreach – Job 28:25-26)

Day 4    Monday 16th April 2018    (Pray for the Spirit of God to breathe on all medium of publicity, causing the people to be attracted and drawn to the meeting. -Matthew 19:2)

Day 5    Tuesday 17th April 2018 (Pray for God’s guidance and direction during the preparation for the outreach -Isaiah 48:17-18)

Day 6    Wednesday 18th April 2018 (Pray for Spiritual protection for all those ministering in the outreach before, during, and after the outreach. – Numbers 23:23)

Day 7    Thursday 19th April 2018 (Pray for safe transportation for all those coming from different parts of Lagos to the outreach. – Deut. 1:30-31)

Day 8    Friday 20th April 2018 (Pray that there shall be peace, tranquillity and serenity in the community before, during and after the outreach. – Psalms 122:6-7)

Day 9    Saturday 21st April 2018 (Pray that the outreach team will be fully equipped by God to meet the spiritual and physical felt needs of the community. – Phil. 4:17-19)

Day 10    Sunday 22nd April 2018 (Exercise the lordship and authority of Jesus Christ over principalities and powers of that territory. -Ephesians 1:20-23)

Day 11    Monday 23rd April 2018 (Pray for healing for all patients who are sick or ill. – Jere 30:17)

Day 12  Tuesday 24th April 2018 (Pray for salvation for everyone who is unsaved, or who has deviated from the Christian faith. – Romans 10:1)

Day 13 Wednesday 25th April 2018 (Pray that every assault or attack from the enemy is null and void -1Corinthians16:9)

Day 14   Thursday 26th April 2018 (Pray that the presence of God in His glory should rest at our camp -Numbers 9:18)

We urge you to be part of this mission by donating towards it.

Missions Commandant, Joseph can be reached on +2348154786398


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