About Us

Center for Missionary Development originated from a vision God gave the founder Atim Bassey during her training for Missions at Christ for the Nations Bible School Dallas, TX in 1994.

The Center for Missionary Development (CMD), is a non-denominational missions organization established in 2008.

Our vision is to take the gospel to the remaining Unreached People Groups primarily in the 10/40 Window.

Our mission is threefold;


Training, and

Information dissemination on global trends; to aid the Church in Africa become Missions-minded.

There is a hunger for the truth as everything else seems to be failing, we are seeing tremendous opportunities in these times to preach the gospel. We believe Africans have a vital role to play in taking the gospel to the unreached. The Churches in Africa must therefore, have a global perspective if we are to take the gospel outside the church walls.

We desire to take the gospel to the unreached through evangelism, training, mercy ministries and information dissemination.  Our headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria, and we aim to have a presence in various nations in Africa, and particularly in the 10/40 window region.

Primary Vision

To penetrate the 10/40 window with the gospel.

Short Term Vision
  • Create mission awareness.
  • Hold mission conferences to highlight missionary efforts, progress and needs.
  • Mobilize prayer support for missionaries, and the Unreached.
Long Term Vision
  • Build a world class mission training and information center to train and equip missionaries.
  • Provide logistical support for missionaries.
  • Facilitate short and long term mission trips.
  • Network with Nigerians in the Diaspora and utilize their capabilities for missions.